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Our On Air Broadcast, October 1, 2013
Topics: Understanding Transfer Opportunities and MassTransfer

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October 1, 2013 - Learn more about MassBay in these two videos: Understanding Your Transfer Options and MassTransfer

A discussion featuring Bryan Wint, Coordinator of Transfer Affairs at MassBay and Jeremy Solomon, Associate Vice President for Marketing at MassBay.

MassBay Live - Understanding Your Transfer Options:
MassBay's Bryan Wint and Jeremy Solomon discussing the many benefits of transferring out of MassBay upon completion of your degree or certificate program (6 minutes, 57 sec). 
Topics include:

  • MassBay is a 2-year Community College with affordable degrees & certificates
  • Locations in Wellesley Hills, Framingham & Ashland
  • MassBay offers 70+ degree & certificate programs
  • Transfer process for after completion of an associate degree or after earning some credits
  • If you graduate from MassBay you might have a guaranteed option based on parameters
  • In most cases, students attend MassBay for at least a year, often for the entire degree
  • Most students look at a variety of institutions
  • Many students transfer to a 4-year public institution
  • Students also transfer to private institutions
  • Start at MassBay to lower your overall education costs
  • Transfer Advising is part of Academic Advising at MassBay

MassBay Live - MassTransfer:
Continued discussion with Bryan Wint and Jeremy Solomon on the topic of MassTransfer. (4 minutes, 55 sec).
Topics include:

  • Overview of the MassTransfer Program
  • Guaranteed admissions options to 4-year public institutions if you meet certain requirements
  • Students must hit certain parameters (i.e. GPA, number of credits)
  • Massachusetts Public Institutions include. UMass Amherst, UMass, Lowell, UMass Boston, UMass Dartmouth, Bridgewater State University, Framingham State University, Salem State, and more
  • Work with your academic advisor for your transfer pathways based on programs you are considering
  • Benefits include: lower education cost for your time at a community college; if meet requirements you might get a break in tuition at the 4-year public institution and you might earn guaranteed admission to a public Massachusetts institutions, based on parameters discussed.

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