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Exciting international opportunities await you during your college experience at MassBay. Our goal is to promote and facilitate international and intercultural opportunities to help you develop an understanding of global interdependence and appreciation for the world’s people and cultures. Now is the time to dream, explore, and discover!

Students who have completed 12 college credits and achieved a 2.5 GPA or higher are invited to apply for a study abroad experience.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Universidad del Sagrado Corazon
Study abroad for one semester, one academic year, or transfer after you receive your Associate’s Degree!

My study abroad semester in Puerto Rico was a truly amazing experience! During this extraordinary trip, I visited El Yunque rain forest where students had the opportunity to hike through the rain forest and swim in one of the waterfalls; took a walking tour of historical Old San Juan and El Morro fortress; and many more memorable experiences, which, of course, included an amazing day of dancing Bomba y Plena and an opportunity to ice skate! This was such a fantastic and memorable experience. Traveling solo to Puerto Rico allowed me to broaden my experiences as a college student. Leaving the small town of Natick to explore a culture, language, and customs beyond what my father brought me up with, has allowed me to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the beauty the world holds and the beauty within cultures. Overall, my fortune to study in Puerto Rico ignited a life-long desire to experience living on a campus university setting and to also further my comfort with my Spanish verbal skills that I wouldn’t have been able to get even if I had attended a Spanish school in Massachusetts. Sagrado gave me all of that.
Yamile, Spring 2012

Taipei, Taiwan

Aletheia University
Travel Course, 3 credits

One of the best experiences of my life was my school trip to Taiwan. I am very glad to be part of this group of students and faculty traveling to such a beautiful country as Taiwan. From the first visit to the TECO office to get my visa until the last day in Taiwan - it was all a spectacular experience for many reasons.

When we arrived to the international airport in Taiwan all the Aletheia University staff was extremely welcoming. They drove us to the school campus and directed us to the dorms which they were super comfortable and modern. I was very happy to be in the 9th floor dorm with the beautiful view of the river and ocean meeting together. It was an amazing natural phenomenon to see. During the first morning at school we met a lot of students who later on also became our school partners and friends. We also met Aletheia staff who during the whole trip were extremely friendly and professional, especially Coco who was the study abroad coordinator. We took a tour around the school which I was very impressed by its beauty and size.

The Mandarin classes which we started the day after our arrival were very organized and fun. The teacher was the best part of the whole Mandarin course. Her name was Anna and she was extremely professional, patient, polite, educated, and friendly. Her professional style to teach was what made the big difference in learning a lot of the language.

In addition to the classes, the food was also very delicious. We visited many different restaurants around the city three times a day for the two weeks and I fell in love with Taiwanese food. Every afternoon we visited many historical and important places in Taiwan, including the National Palace Museum, Yingge Museum, Juming Museum, Taiwan’s Top 101, the Fisherman’s Wharf, the Hot Springs, the Night Market, the Longshan Temple, and many more beautiful places. Also, one of the best things about Taiwan, or perhaps the best thing was its people. Every single person I met in Taiwan was very friendly, helpful, polite, and welcoming. Its people is in my opinion the best part about Taiwan and this is why I want to go back someday soon, not only to improve my Mandarin language skills but, to thank and greet all these amazing citizens of Taiwan.

Overall, as I mentioned in the beginning, it has been the best experience of my life and I thank everybody who was a part of this unforgettable journey. I have made the promise to encourage many more students of MassBay Community College to make the choice and explore the beautiful things of this great nation of Taiwan.
Hiesman, January 2012

Heredia, Costa Rica

Service Learning Sites
The National University of Costa Rica
Travel Course, 3 credits

Costa Rica has turned out to be different from what I expected. I pictured a tranquil, westernized community. Instead it is hustling with many people and traffic worse than Boston (and yet few car accidents). The city area is westernized; it has your typical McDonald's, but the residential area is more third world. It is a much more intimate setting, however. All the houses are right next to each other (literally no space between them), and there is no concept of a class system.

One thing I did expect was the nice people. My host family is very kind and patient despite my lack of Spanish, which I am now learning rapidly. The Costa Rican people, or "Ticos," take great pride in their country and say "pura vida!" (pure life) frequently. I have learned about social formalities, such as humble dress, serving coffee to guests, and addressing people formally.

I love the scenery! Everything is surrounded by plants, mountains, and even volcanoes! The volcanoes provide heated lakes/water and the ash provides nutrients that help grow coffee, which is one of the most important commodities in Costa Rica (next to tourism).

The Restaurants are quite different here than in America. You can walk right in instead of waiting for a waiter/waitress to show you to a table. Many serve the same food too: Casado (rice, beans, meat, and your choice of salad). The portions are just as large as American meals, which was surprising to me. Despite the initial culture shock I find Costa Rica and its culture to be just wonderful.
Daniel, March 2012

Jacmel, Haiti

Service Learning Sites
Travel Course, 3 credits

Traveling to Haiti has left a permanent impact on my life that has inspired me to help others while fulfilling my interests, and has strengthened my need to explore the world and discover new possibilities. When I think of Haiti now, I think of the positive sides of the culture without letting the images of poverty and the earthquake destruction fog my vision for the country’s true potential.

I have also learned that you must not be hasty in helping a country in need. It is best to travel with an experienced leader in order to gain personal experience and knowledge about a country that is in need. You must first experience the culture, the language, and the politics of the land in order to make a proper difference.

Another lesson learned from traveling to Haiti, is the power of carrying a book about the history and culture of your destination. From speaking with the local people including guest speakers, students of SOS Enfants d’Haiti, and the people involved with our accommodations including Christophe, Dickenson, and Maggie, allowed me to compare many viewpoints. These lessons I will carry with me for the rest of my life.
Andrew, May 2012

Our interaction with locals is what truly made this course memorable. The fact that these were not tourist locations made all the difference. We went to learning centers and took part in art therapy with local teens which allowed us to meet students in our age group and identify with them about the challenges of going to college. These were all great memories that I took home with me. Having the opportunity to meet and work with local famous artists and hear from women in power in Haiti was very inspirational. …This was a life changing experience that will live with us forever. I could not have asked for a better group of people to have shared this experience with. I know one way or another, we have all fallen in love with Haiti, the people and the culture, and will return someday.
Chericee, May 2012


Constanta, Romania

Ovidius University
Service Learning Sites
Travel Course, 3 credits

“An individual has not started living,” declared the Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

Along with six of my college affiliated Rotary peers, I traveled nearly five thousand miles from MassBay Community College campus in Wellesley Hills, MA, to the Constanta campus of Ovidius University in Romania. Marking the beginning of a three-week international service trip of which I had only begun to understand the significance, this was the first of its kind at either college, and it was the beginning of the legacy I had realized I must leave behind.

This was an eye-opening experience. Part of our group worked in the Constanta General Hospital and the other in ARCA, a center that helps people with disabilities. Having the opportunity to participate in both endeavors was unforgettable. My first image, still held clear in my mind, was of five year old Mario, a boy who held a ball and who keenly looked at me with an innocent smile. When I approached, he blushed and ran to the other end of the room. Deaf, mute and with some mental disabilities, Mario’s parents, like most others there, could not afford the cost of his medications.

Working closely with other volunteers, I helped provide companionship, lessons in computer use and participated in daily activities like painting and dancing. Most children there loved dancing, and I participated in group cultural dances and taught some dances from my culture. No kindness was left unreturned. With the excellent education I was obtaining at MassBay, and with many different cultural experiences under my belt, I was naïve to think I alone would teach. Instead, I ended up being taught to appreciate the smallest things in life, to embrace happiness and love.

This trip demonstrated our commitment to the kind of global community two year college students can create. We went to Romania as goodwill ambassadors to serve and build understanding between our institution and our university partners in Romania. We left enriched with the knowledge of how our capacity to give, even in the smallest way, can impact those in need, and strengthen the thread that binds us all. This experience reminded me of how much impact we can each have through altruism and in sharing our basic humanity.
Hashim, May 2009

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