Welcome to the Business Department

Mission & Goals

Mission Statement
The MassBay Business Department seeks to promote skill development; foster productive attitudes and behaviors; reinforce positive ethical and social conduct; and provide a successful program in business education and industry employment.

MassBay’s business programs and courses provides opportunities to think critically, engage in analyzing workplace issues within the classroom setting; and develop an appreciation of diversity and cultural differences in the modern business world.

  • Prepare for an ethically and socially responsible role in business;
  • Develop the critical thinking skills needed to recognize and analyze business problems and issues;
  • Strengthen strong planning and organizational skills while developing a mastery of business theories, practices and applications;
  • Appreciate the global nature of peoples and institutions, and the value and importance of diversity and cultural differences to global business;
  • Apply information technology to business operations, products and services, and applicable internet-web-based technologies;
  • Integrate core liberal arts and science knowledge within the business program course of study.

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