Engineering Department at MassBay

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Engineering Programs

The Engineering Department offers Mechanical Engineering(AS), Engineering (AS), Electrical and Computer Engineering (AS) programs that are designed for students interested in pursuing a four year degree.  These programs are closely aligned with 4-year Engineering programs with several courses transferring into 4-year institutions such as University of Massachusetts at Lowell or University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  In addition, students completing an Associates degree in one of the transfer tracks at MassBay can get significant tuition and other benefits at UMass Amherst (similar to the Mass-Transfer programs).   

Among several engineering pathways, MassBay engineering students can also complete a stackable CAD certificate program within one year and continue working toward an Associate’s degree in Engineering Design.  Both programs introduce students to engineering design, and advanced manufacturing technology. 

We strive each year to offer several courses in an online hybrid format to be useful for day and evening students and lifelong learners.

Associate Degree Granting Programs:

  • Engineering* (AS) – for students who are inclined toward civil, mechanical or industrial engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering* (AS)
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering* (AS)
  • Engineering Design** (AS)
  • Electronics Technology** (AS)

Certificate Offering Programs (Non-Transfer Oriented):
  • Computer Aided Design Certificate***

* These programs are oriented toward transfer to a four-year institution.
** These programs are more geared toward workforce development.
*** This program might be available as a mostly online-hybrid program convenient for both day and evening students.