Biotechnology at MassBay

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Biotech Laboratories & Equipment

To offer the best opportunities for training and research to our students, the Biotechnology and Forensic DNA Programs have a 2,792 sq ft lab located on the fifth floor of the Technology Tower on our Wellesley Hills Campus. The main lab area is divided in two sections to provide work areas for students in different programs offered. Each student that is actively a part of the Biotechnology program and/or research projects has a set of micro-pipettors and lab space for his/her own use at any time of the day. Each student is also free to use a wide range of cutting edge devices we house in our laboratory for training and research, including basic tools for vertical and horizontal electrophoresis, gel scanners, thermal cyclers, CO2 incubators for mammal cell culture and shaker incubators for bacterial cell culture, horizontal and inverted microscopes. 


Several different grants and donations have enabled us to acquire new, specialized devices that ensure the quality of education we offer at MassBay. Our lab is equipped with the following:

  • ABI 310 Genetic Analyzer 
  • SpectraMax M2e multi-mode microplate reader 
  • StepOnePlus Real-time PCR detection system 
  • Caliper Sciclone i1000 liquid handling work station 
  • Shimadzu Prominence HPLC modular system