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Learning Communities

 What are Learning Communities?

Learning communities are groups of classes linked by a common theme, creating an opportunity for students with shared goals to work collaboratively in a dynamic learning environment. Students in learning communities benefit from smaller class sizes, active participation in college and community events, and curriculum designed to deepen learning across disciplines.

The advantages are real. Research shows that students who participate in learning communities demonstrate: 

  • Increased engagement in their studies
  • Improved academic success
  • A stronger sense of connection to their learning, their college, and to each other

Spring 2014 Learning Community:
The Shopping Cart Experience

Learning communities are unique learning opportunities that offer students the chance to achieve common goals through team-work, experiential learning, and integrated curriculum across courses. This spring MassBay is pleased to offer a learning community that enables students in four separate courses to collaborate in a common project called The Shopping Cart Experience. Participants will have an opportunity to apply their individual knowledge and skills to contribute to the project, simulating a real world experience. Students may be enrolled in one or more courses listed below:

  • 5653 CS 241-012: Web Site Development
    Tuesdays / Thursdays, 11am-1:15 pm
    —Professor Susanne Steiger-Escobar
    Students in this course will develop an online store and provide a shopping cart experience. Customers will be able to select products and purchase them. An invoice will be provided at check-out time. (This course has prerequisites.)
  • 5221 CS 176-011: Web Design
    Tuesdays/Thursdays, 9:30-11:45am
    —Professor Tatyana Bronstein
    Students in this course will design CSS, navigation rules, and provide color swatches for the Shopping Cart Site.
  • 5281 CS 126-014: Digital Imaging
    Tuesdays, 11:00am-1:45pm
    —Professor Theresa Mislick
    Students in this course will design website banner images and pictures.
  • 5446 MN 140-750: Project Management (Hybrid Course: Lecture Online; Lab in Person) 
    Lecture; Lab: Tuesdays, 10:00-12:00pm
    —Professor Marina Bograd
    Students in this course will create the project schedule and work collaboratively with their team to track project progress.
  • Learning Community Project
    Common meeting time 11am – 12pm

Students in these courses will also benefit from supplemental instruction (a learning specialist) to help them with their professional writing skills.

Notes: Students may consider taking more than one of these courses, but are not required to do so.

For more information, please contact Professor Susanne Steiger-Escobar or Professor Marina Bograd