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Other Information & Requirements

Students must complete the CORI and SORI forms, to authorize a search of records for past criminal or sexual offenses known as CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) and SORI (Sex Offender Registry Information), and submit a copy of their driver’s license in order to fulfill your clinical/practicum requirements. The CORI and SORI completion process occurs at program orientations at the beginning of Health Sciences programs and during the first or second week of each following semester. CORI and SORIs are conducted each semester for incoming and returning students (fall, spring, and summer). Depending on the contents of a student’s CORI or SORI reports, participation in an academic program or a cooperative clinical or practicum affiliation related thereto, may be denied. For more information, refer to the College’s CORI/SORI Process.

Health/Immunization Records

Effective for students admitted and/or enrolled May 1, 2013 or after, MassBay's Division of Health Sciences has partnered with a third party company, Certified Background,  as the vendor for all National County Records background checks.   In addition to providing background check services, Certified Background, through it's Certified Profile division, will be providing a "Student Immunization Tracker". This will allow you to submit your immunization and other health verification documents electronically, to be organized and maintained by the company.  This will replace our current process of obtaining and storing your paper immunization records within MBDOHS’ respective programs. You will have electronic access to your documents and the ability to provide access to practicum clinical agencies where you may be assigned.  For more details, please visit our Health and Background Check Requirements page.

Additional Clinical Affiliate Requirements
Some clinical facilities where students will be assigned may require additional information and/or screenings prior to clinical placement. Examples include submission of social security number; Fingerprinting; Drug-testing; CORI checks; CNA Registry Check, and additional immunizations. Students who either fail to pass, or refuse to submit to, these additional requirements/screenings will be deemed ineligible for clinical placement, which may affect their status in the respective Surgical Tech program.

Detailed information on all documentation and immunization requirements discussed above can be viewed in the Health Sciences Division Student Handbook and Policy Manual.