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The faculty within the Division of Health Sciences believes that education is a life-long endeavor where students are the center of the learning continuum.  Students ultimately become lifelong learners, as professionals within the health care system, when exposed to teaching and learning environments that help them to make sense out of their experiences. Faculty believes that all students have the capacity to learn and succeed in meeting their educational goals through an interactive approach.  Individuals are encouraged to discover their preferred mode of learning, strengths, and potential. Critical thinking contributes to learning for understanding by moving students forward as they acquire new skills, knowledge, and attitudes.  Therefore, faculty believes the educational process is to teach for understanding and to change the world view of the learner.  

Faculty members are committed to a systemic review process to ensure programs maintain the highest standards and are reflective of current practice.   All health care professional programs are a unique blend of theory, reflective clinical practice, trans-cultural/cross-cultural beliefs and values.  Faculty also believes that health care education requires a commitment to diversity, leadership, collaborative partnerships in practice, evidence-based practice, and the ability to respond to health care in the local, national, and global environments.  Thus, all health professions have the responsibility to ensure that quality health care is available to all by engaging in effective leadership and social advocacy initiatives.