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MassBay Practical Nursing FAQs

Program Related

What GPA do I need to enroll in the practical nurse (PN) program?
No specific GPA is required at this time however students with a completive GPA (> 2.4) will be given priority for admission into the PN programs.

I want to register for PN program. How do I get started?
Contact MassBay and make an appointment with an Admission Advisor. Applicants need to complete an application. Applicants are required to have a high school diploma or equivalent.

How long does the PN Program take to complete?
The PN program is 10 months.

How do I pay for the program?
We have flexible payment options.  For more details, visit Student Accounts.

What is the schedule of the PN program?
The PN programs typically run 4-5 days per week. The PN schedule consists of classroom lecture, clinical experience, and nursing skills lab.

Do the practical nurse program courses need to be taken in order?
Yes, PN courses are designed to be taken in sequence.

What happens if I fail a PN course? Will I be expelled from the program?
The PN program requires a passing grade of 73% in each class to continue in the program.

What if I miss a class?
Our general attendance policy indicates that students must attend all scheduled classes. If you know in advance that you will need to miss a class please notify your instructors and make necessary arrangements for makeup work. Leave of absence can be granted by the program director under certain conditions (Please discuss this with the program director). Please see the Attendance Policy in the student handbook.

Can I still apply to the nursing program if I have a criminal history?
A background check is required. Clinical facilities may deny your participation if your criminal history involves violent crimes, substance abuse crimes, and sexually violent crimes.

Do you offer online classes?
No. All coursework is hands-on consisting of Didactic lectures, Laboratories, and Clinical Internship.

Will I be able to maintain my employment while in the program?
With careful time management, many students have been able to maintain part-time employment and have successfully completed the program.

Will there be an orientation for accepted practical nursing students?
Yes, orientation for students accepted into the PN program are invited and encouraged to attend one of two scheduled orientations that are typically held in June.

Clinical Training Related

How many hours of clinical training am I expected to perform?
Each class has a specific number of required clinical hours. On average, students attend clinical twice weekly throughout the program.

Where will the clinical training be conducted?
Your training will be provided through our affiliated clinical facilities. These facilities consist of hospitals, rehabilitation centers, long term care facilities, and other community agencies.

Can I do my clinical training during the weekend or at night?
Clinical placement occurs during the published hours of each respective program.

Program Graduation Related

Will the program prepare me to pass the NCLEX licensure exam?
Yes. NCLEX test preparation is strongly emphasized throughout our students’ entire curriculum at MassBay. We also teach NCLEX preparation class towards the end of the program and conduct reviews as well as optional NCLEX preparation courses