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Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program FAQs

Associate Degree Nursing (“ADN”) Program FAQs

Admission Requirements
Prerequisite Coursework
Clinical Training/ Internship
Graduation Information

Admission Requirements

Quest. What GPA do I need to enroll into the Associate Degree Program?
 Answ: 2.5 or better.  Please reference the Associate Degree Nursing Program curriculum sheet for details on all degree requirements. Please see Selective Admissions for Health Sciences for all admissions requirements.

Quest:  I want to register for Associate Degree Nursing Program. How do I get started?
Answ:  Contact Mass Bay and make an appointment with an Admission Advisor. 

Quest:  Can I talk to a Nursing Advisor before I apply to the Associate Degree Program?
 Answ: Yes, and there are Admission Counselors/Advisors who can help you understand the requirements and expectations.

Quest:  I have a foreign degree. Do I need to have my degree evaluated?
Answ:  Yes, all prospective applicants with a foreign degree must have their degree evaluated prior to enrollment of the program.  It must show a minimum of the equivalent to the educational level of a U.S. High School Diploma or G.E.D. link to who evaluates.

Quest:  Is there a pre-admission entrance exam and how can I prepare for it?
 Answ:  Yes, the HESI A2 is required. Please see our HESI A2 RN Admission Exam page for details.                                                       
Quest: When will I hear of a decision on my application?
Answ: Letters of acceptance to the Associate Degree Program are typically sent out around April 1st. 

Quest:  How can I enhance my chances of being accepted into the Associate Degree Program?
Answ:   Complete all prerequisites, with required grades, provide the admissions office with all required documentation and a completed official application, and achieve required score on the HESI A2 RN Admission Exam.

Quest:  Are there background checks and drug screens required for the Associate Degree Program?
 Answ:  All students must submit to CORI/SORI checks at least yearly. Some of our participating clinical facilities request checks to be done each semester. Please see our Health and Background Check Requirements page for details.

Quest:  If I am admitted to the Associate Degree Program, what will contribute to my success?
Answ:  Be sure to:
-Have a financial base of support while in school.
-Have the support of the important people in your life.
-Have a car that reliably runs to the Framingham campus.
-Be able to be at the Framingham campus on time, ready to attend class.
-Have back-up babysitters for when your usual one can't care for your children.
-Have someone reliable who will care for your children during their common illnesses.
-Make a commitment to going to school.
-Not be employed more than 24 hours a week.

Prerequisite Coursework

Quest:  Do I have to complete all general education courses before I can be accepted to this program?  Answ:  There are several requirements that must be met prior to being accepted into the ADN program. Please reference the Associate Degree Nursing Program curriculum sheet.

Quest: I have attended college or have a college degree. Can I transfer any of my courses?
 Answ:  The Admissions Counselor can advise you on which courses may be transferred.


Quest.   How long does the Associate Degree Program typically take to complete?
Answ:  There are several pre-requisite courses. Once these are completed the day option is 4 semesters and the evening option is 8 semesters.

Quest.   Where is the Associate Degree Program offered?
Answ:  It is offered on the Framingham campus.

Quest:  Do Associate Degree Program courses need to be taken in the order described in the Associate Degree Nursing Program curriculum sheet?
Answ:  Yes.

Quest:  Do you offer online classes?
Answ:   No.  All coursework is hands-on consisting of didactic lectures, laboratories, and Clinical practicums.

Quest:  Are there evening classes?
Answ:    No. Students may  enroll only into the day program.

Quest: Will there be an orientation for accepted students?
Answ:     Yes, there are mandatory orientations before the start of the program.

Program Graduation Related

Quest: Will the program prepare me to pass NCLEX?
Answ:      Yes.

Quest:  Once I graduate from the program will I be getting a degree or certificate?
Answ:   Associate in Science Degree in Nursing  

Quest:  Once I graduate where am I eligible to work?
Answ:   A graduate must successfully pass the NCLEX exam before being eligible to work as a Registered Nurse.