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The EMS faculty has over 100 years of combined service in emergency medical services. All instructors are experienced paramedics who continue to practice as clinicians in municipal, private, and fire-based EMS systems.  Like our students, we are all lifelong learners, committed to improving our own clinical and classroom practice.


We are passionate about providing exceptional quality instruction.   We bring the field to the classroom, relying on evidence-based principles and field experience.  Most instructors hold instructor credentials from the AHA, NAEMT and MA OEMS and continue to expand their expertise within the discipline.


Whether you are an EMT or Paramedicine student, you will be challenged throughout the curriculum- in the classroom, lab, simulation, and clinical/field.   You will receive quality lectures with plenty of hands on practice in lab and simulation that will give you the skills and tools you will need to succeed.  Our experienced faculty is dedicated to developing our students’ clinical decision-making skills. Students work with state-of-the-art, high-fidelity patient simulators and a realistic ambulance simulator to add elements of realism to skills development that other programs cannot provide. You will be prepared to manage the dynamic and often chaotic prehospital emergency environment while gaining important industry connections to help you gain employment once you graduate.

Here at MassBay, we educate future professionals who we are proud to work beside

Program Director:


Kimberly Altavesta, M.Ed., NRP, I/C
Office: Framingham 120E
Phone: 508-270-4037

BIO: Kimberly Altavesta is the EMS Program Director and Department Chair at MassBay Community College in Framingham, MA where she has been a faculty member since 2011.  She has a proven track record of curriculum redesign and technology integration in EMS education.   She is committed to advancing instruction and professional standards.  Her team has worked to strengthen their programs, including professionalizing EMT education by incorporating authentic clinical experiences and improving instruction.  Kim holds a Masters degree in Educational Technology, a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience, and a certificate in Paramedicine.  She is an active clinician with over 15 years experience working as a paramedic in the greater Boston area.

Medical Director:
Emily Groom, M.D.

Clinical Coordinator:open

Adjunct Faculty:

Lead EMS Instructor/Coordinator:
Gerard Smith, BS, NRP, I/C

Lead EMS Instructor/Coordinator:
Jacob Hanley-McCarthy, EMT-P, I/C


BIO: Jacob Hanley-McCarthy, EMT-P, I/C is an adjunct professor in the EMS Department at MassBay Community College.  He has been instrumental in the revision of the internship program based on feedback from the employers and other members of the EMS Department.  Jacob has built a Standardized Simulation Scenarios program that focuses on clinical decision making skills, building from simple to complex patient care presentations.   He holds a certificate in Paramedicine as well certification as an EMS Instructor/Coordinator.  He is a full time Paramedic in the greater Boston area.   He is a lead instructor in EMT simulation and clinical and teaches in the EMT and Paramedicine labs.


Lead EMS Instructor/Coordinator:
Michael Hanley-McCarthy, NRP, I/C


BIO: Michael Hanley-McCarthy, NRP, I/C is an adjunct professor in the EMS Department at MassBay Community College.  He has co-authored several proposals to increase the continuing education opportunities at the college.   He is a committed advocate for professional development and career pathways in EMS.  Michael holds a certificate in Paramedicine from Northeastern University as well certification as an EMS Instructor/Coordinator and FF I/II.  He is a career firefighter/paramedic in Northern Massachusetts and is also a Clinical Field Supervisor/Paramedic in the greater Boston area.  He teaches in the EMT and Paramedicine labs and simulation.


Lead EMS Instructor/Coordinator:
William Stone, NRP, I/C

EMS Lab Instructor, EMS Instructor/Coordinator:
Michael Cutten, BS, NRP, I/C

EMS Lab Instructor, EMS Instructor/Coordinator:
Joseph Kuchinski, NRP, I/C

Special Programs Coordinator, EMS Lab Instructor:
Mark Cameron, AS, EMT-P

EMS Lab Instructor:
Matthew D’Innocenzo, EMT-P

EMS Lab Instructor:
Daniel Lamme, EMT-P

EMS Lab Instructor:
Ryan LeBlanc, EMT-P

EMS Lab Instructor:
Victoria Sacco, EMT-P

EMS Lab Instructor:
Keith Schnabel, EMT-P


BIO: Keith Schnabel is an adjunct professor in the EMS Department at MassBay Community College, joining our team in 2015.  Keith is an active National Registry Paramedic.  He is a Paramedic Field Training Officer with over 4 years experience working in both primary 911 and acute/sub-acute settings.  He brings strong communication skills, a passion for education and he is committed to bolstering the standardized scenario initiative for simulation based clinical instruction.


Patrick Warren, NREMT-P
EMS Lab Instructor, EMS I/C Intern

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