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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is a great opportunity for high school students to get college experience and credit while still in high school. Dual Enrollment is the system by which students can obtain college credit, for the purpose of accelerating degree attainment, for a course(s) taught at the college level either at MassBay or at the high school. It is important to note that prior approval must be sought before a student will be awarded college credit.

There are two different ways to take a Dual Enrollment course:

  • Take a MassBay course as an approved Dual Enrollment student (Traditional Dual Enrollment) or
  • Take a MassBay approved course at your high school (High School Dual Enrollment).

Traditional Dual Enrollment:
Traditional Dual Enrollment starts with speaking with an Admissions advisor at MassBay to determine your eligibility for the program. Once you are deemed eligible, applicants fill out a Dual Enrollment Application. After the application has been processed and the applicant is deemed to have met all the requirements, the applicant may be enrolled in MassBay course(s). Students take the classes like any MassBay student, but at the end of the semester receive both college credit AND high school credit.

High School Dual Enrollment:
High School Dual Enrollment starts with MassBay and a high school coming together to determine that a course curriculum at that high school is aligned with a similar course at MassBay and both the curriculum and instructor receive MassBay approval. The course is then taught at the high school during the regular school class period. Students who meet the requirements of Dual Enrollment, fill out a Dual Enrollment Agreement form, get approved by a MassBay Admissions advisor, and pass the course will be awarded both MassBay AND high school credit upon successful completion of the course.

In order to receive Dual Enrollment credit, students who qualify must follow Dual Enrollment Agreement guidelines, submit an application, meet the requirements for Dual Enrollment, and be approved by MassBay.

    What are the Requirements for Dual Enrollment?

    To qualify for Dual Enrollment, students must first complete the MassBay placement exam and test into college level mathematics and/or English. High school students, upon successful completion of the course(s) with a C or better, will earn college credit simultaneously with high school credit.

    • Be enrolled in a Massachusetts public or private secondary school, including approved home school programs
    • 3.0 minimum cumulative high school GPA
    • Place into college level math and/or English courses by taking MassBay's placement test.
    • High School approval
    • Be a Massachusetts resident

    Note: Students who do not possess the minimum GPA may be considered eligible to take courses based upon demonstration of their potential for academic success through MassBay’s review of other appropriate indicators of success.

    Information on the MassBay placement tests >>

    For additional information about Dual Enrollment contact: Robyn Ross: