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College ESL Program Description

College ESL:  English for Academic and Professional Purposes

  • College ESL courses put you on a path to earn an Associate Degree or Certificate, transfer to a 4-year institution or develop professional English skills.
  •  Students develop academic reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.  We have intensive 6-credit integrated skills courses as well as 3-credit electives in speaking, grammar, and writing.
  •  Students may be able to take content courses at the same time that they take College ESL courses so that they can pursue their course of study right away.
  • We offer both day and evening courses on our Wellesley Hills and Framingham campuses.
  • Our courses carry institutional credit, which allows qualified students to receive financial aid, among other benefits. Our College ESL Program is an integral part of the English Department’s Writing Program within the Division of Humanities.

College ESL Mission Statement

Since its inception in 1987, the College ESL Program at Massachusetts Bay Community College has had at its core the following mission: to assist students in achieving their academic and professional goals by providing them with the opportunity to attain fluency and accuracy in academic written and spoken English.  Within and beyond the classroom, the program’s aim is to foster in students an appreciation of a pluralistic learning community, including an appreciation of the English language and American culture and a respect for the different cultures which make up our contemporary world. We draw strength from a diverse student body and we view such diversity as having a positive pedagogical value within the context of multiculturalism.

For more information about the College ESL Program, contact us at or or by phone at 781-239-2511.

MassBay is located at 50 Oakland Street Wellesley Hills, MA and 19 Flagg Drive Framingham, MA.