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Academic Support Services

Academic Achievement Center
Framingham Library (508) 270-4213
Wellesley Hills, 2nd Floor (781) 239-2632

The Academic Achievement Center (AAC) has professional and peer tutoring for most subjects, reading/study skills, writing, and all levels of mathematics and sciences. We offer services for students with disabilities. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call the numbers listed above. These services are free of charge.

Disability Resources
Framingham 306 (508) 270-4267 or (508) 270-4286
Wellesley Hills 216 (781) 239-2234 or (781) 239-2626

Math & Science Center
Framingham 3rd Floor Library (508) 270-4211
Wellesley Hills 214 (781) 239-2774

The Math/Science Centers are staffed by professionals who offer a variety of individual or group instruction in science, nursing, mathematics, and in learning strategies, concepts and skills. Math/Science Learning Specialists also offer consultations for students who need general academic and learning support. The Math/Science Centers offer independent self-paced learning, review and self-testing using multimedia, online and computerized tools such as email and 24/7 online tutoring. Study groups are encouraged, which provide students opportunities to work in small groups with peers to focus on specific math or science homework or subject areas. Students are welcome to stop in or make an appointment for a consultation with a specialist by stopping by the AAC.

Peer Tutoring
Framingham 3rd Floor (5080 270-4213
Wellesley Hills 2nd Floor (781) 239-2620

The Peer Tutoring Program is a student based organization that offers assistance in a wide range of courses. Students can meet with tutors individually, or in small groups. Appointments can range from once a week, a few times per semester, or up to three hours per week. Appointments are encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome.

Reading & Writing Center
Framingham 303 (508) 270-4285
Wellesley Hills 215 (781) 239-2624

MassBay’s Reading and Writing Centers offer free individual instruction on both campuses for students who would like one-on-one help in completing a reading and writing assignment for any College course. The Centers offer highly qualified learning specialists who work individually with students at all stages of the writing process – from getting started with an assignment to revising a paper an instructor has commented. The Centers contain networked computer stations, printers, and libraries of writing handbooks and prose readers.

Testing Services
Framingham 307 (508) 270-4213
Wellesley Hills, 2nd Floor (781) 239-2632

Testing services for make-up exams, untimed tests and other accommodations occur in the Academic Achievement Center (AAC). Faculty members may arrange for a student who misses an exam or has a legitimate reason for taking a test in the testing room by contacting the AAC. While it is occasionally possible to drop-in to make-up a test, it is best to make an appointment. Please bring photo identification with you on test day.

Academic Advising
Framingham 1st Floor, Enrollment Center
Wellesley Hills 113 (781) 239-2775

Academic advising is a collaborative educational process between students and their advisors that is designed to support students’ academic success. An academic advisor is assigned to each full-time student; this advisor may be a member of the faculty, professional staff or Advising Center staff. Part-time students are generally assigned to the Advising Center.